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Milo Apple Green Bamboo Suction Plate

Milo Apple Green Bamboo Suction Plate

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Introducing our Children's Bamboo Plates – a delightful and practical addition to mealtime that will make both parents and kids smile! Designed with thoughtful features and playful aesthetics, these plates are the perfect choice for young diners.

Key Features:

Multiple Food Sections: Our bamboo plates feature multiple compartments, perfect for separating different food items and encouraging a balanced meal. Say goodbye to food mixing, and hello to organised, enjoyable eating.

Vibrant Suction Ring: On the back of each plate, you'll find a colourful silicone suction ring that securely attaches the plate to the dining table or highchair tray. No more accidental spills or plate-throwing adventures – mealtime just got a whole lot cleaner!

Bamboo and Silicone Utensils: Each set includes two utensils (fork and spoon), made from bamboo and silicone, perfectly sized for little hands. These utensils match the colourful theme of the plates and are gentle on your child's developing teeth and gums.

Safe and Eco-Friendly: Our plates are crafted from natural bamboo, a sustainable and eco-friendly material that's free from harmful chemicals. 

Care Instructions: Please note that these plates should be washed by hand only and are not suitable for dishwashers. Gentle hand-washing ensures that the vibrant colours and designs stay looking fresh.

Fun Colour and Designs: Our bamboo plates come in an array of vibrant colours and whimsical designs that kids will love. Make mealtime a creative adventure with plates that spark your child's imagination.

Transform mealtime into a delightful experience with our Children's Bamboo Plates. With divided sections for food, a secure suction base, and matching utensils, these plates are designed to make feeding your child easier and more enjoyable. Choose from our range of playful designs and add a touch of fun to your family's dining table. Order now and let the colourful culinary adventures begin!

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